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CX goes beyond mere transactions and
touchpoints: it also includes how people feel, what they do practically, and how they think when they engage with
a brand.

In today's highly competitive market,
you must prioritize and enhance the customer experience to be better positioned to thrive and succeed.

Join us on November 9, from 11:30am, and let's discuss this trending topic together Katie Baeck, Senior Consultant at The House of Marketing and Jellert Dekeyser, VP Omnichannel & Marketing at TVH.
🕛 Let's meet at 11:30, online

💡 What you can expect:

  • What Customer Experience is all about
  • Why Customer Experience matters
  • How to build a solid Customer Experience strategy 

Share your questions with us so we can make sure to address your main concerns: we want this online session to be as interactive as possible to inspire you.

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