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    Tips for a successful online onboarding

    While our consultants usually work on-site at the client, COVID-19 challenges our typical way of working. 
    Without hesitation, we've adapted our approach: our consultants currently onboard online & work fully remotely.



    Meet our consultants

    Lauranne Coremans
    During my 3 months at a company in financial services in the automotive industry, I focused on a loyalty project for contract renewal. The main goal was to define which top and middle of funnel approach would have the highest lead conversion. We set up several tests, the results of which I shared during an international meeting with 12 other countries. Within the Belgian branch, we’ll continue to optimize our new approach for a complete roll-out in the future.
    Pablo Troussard
    My most recent interim management project focused on providing insights on retail analytics for a large FMCG company. Through the use of Nielsen and other data-driven tools, I was able to provide valuable insights that contributed to data-driven decision making. The interim position often required me to go the extra mile to fully ensure the success of the projects I was working on; it was challenging, but definitely in a positive way!
    Alexandra Maesen
    While I initially interviewed for an interim management position focused on owned media, I ended up in the paid media team at a large FMCG company. Although my experience in paid media was limited at the time, I took the initiative to execute a quick scan of the company’s paid channels with the support of a few UPTHRUST colleagues. It’s my dedication that got me the project, together with my global and team/project management experience. The team has enough paid media knowledge in-house; it’s my role to challenge them on projects, help them prioritize and strengthen the relationship between the global and local teams. The win-win lies in our complementary skillsets.
    Alicia Bandinelli
    For a leading international HR company, I took on a dual role. The objective of my first role, as Marketing Manager of the French market, was to build and implement a strong marketing plan to help reach the double-digit growth ambitions. In addition, I was the Growth Lead of a team in 2 other countries. Our goal was to generate sales-ready opportunities at scale. My dual role enabled me to find a lot of synergies for the company, since we could quickly reproduce well-performing strategies.
    Julie Merckx
    In my role as a Brand Manager for a pharmaceutical company, I had to completely rethink the way of working, especially the one regarding the field force. Due to COVID-19, it was no longer possible to organize face-to-face trainings, which are important to sharpen their knowledge and boost their confidence. We created a new virtual training platform for the field force so they could follow the trainings remotely. The feedback of the sales force was very positive and the idea was even picked up by other business units.

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    Alexandra Steel
    Alexandra Steel

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