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    We have the rare specific experience to help you with your marketing challenges



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    As top-level marketers, we understand your key marketing challenges and bring all of our expertise to the table to support you with your key marketing challenges.
    We have a passion for marketing that ensures we bring in the best ideas and go all the way to implementation, keeping in mind our pragmatic approach.


    We put our spike in 5 major domains


    Optimize your e-commerce stategy to reach your business objectives in the most efficient & effective way.


    Customer Experience

    Deliver a personalized customer experience at the right time, at the right place, on the right device.


    Value Management

    Build a data-driven approach to extract more value from your customer base. Target in the smartest way possible and scale via experimentation.


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    Organizational Design

    Create teams that respond dynamically to changing consumer behavior and industry disruptions.



    Solve customer problems by applying Design Thinking 2.0: an iterative, data-driven approach based on experimentation and neuromarketing.


    Infused by Integrated Data (ID) Marketing

    We apply Integrated Data (ID) Marketing in all of our strategic marketing consulting projects. ID Marketing is an agile marketing methodology, in which we include rapid experimentation & neuromarketing data across the full marketing funnel to increase the success to market.




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    Meet our consultants

    Eline Khancheh Zar
    I was fortunate to be the project lead of a value proposition consulting project in the car industry. The objective was to empathize with B2B customers across Europe through qualitative interviews. Our insights served as a starting point for the company's future innovations. We created personas to represent key customer segments and built customer journey maps to structure pain points, needs, gains & opportunities. In addition, we prioritized key problems by estimating the potential business impact and feasibility of solutions. Together with the client, we went into workshop mode to validate insights and prioritization. We shared a final recommendation on next steps towards building new, impactful value propositions.
    Thomas Peeters
    During a validation project at a telco company, we validated a new value proposition and its go-to-market via several in-market growth experiments. By doing so, we could analyze customer behavior in a real-life setting and increase success to market significantly. This was a joint project with Upthrust: we took care of the strategy and analysis part; our Upthrust colleagues were responsible for preparing and running the experiments.
    Charlot Van Der Jeucht
    The objective of my consulting project in the automotive manufacturing sector was to confirm the desirability and viability of a corporate spin-off. Through external interviews, workshops and close collaboration with the client, we delivered a product-market fit and a positive business case. To make it complete, we developed an implementation roadmap, including concrete action points to start building the spin-off.
    Anne-Charlotte de Cartier
    I had the chance to work on a business design thinking assignment at an energy company, to help them find new value propositions. We applied our business design thinking methodology with the internal teams during various workshops. Together we interviewed clients, built journeys, brainstormed and used the Buffle services to validate insights and concepts. As a result, we built several high potential value propositions and left a happy client that learned a new methodology they can re-do when needed.

    Discover how we helped ARAG with their shift towards a customer-centric organization



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